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Carménère Custom Homes in Lake Las Vegas

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Carménère, one of the six noble red grapes allowed in Bordeaux wines, was long forgotten and thought to be extinct. In 1867, the Phylloxera plague all but wiped out Europe’s wine region and it was thought that the varietal Carménère was lost forever. Fortunately, prior to this, cuttings were imported to Chile where the grape was thought to be Merlot. Through modern DMA testing, Carménère was rediscovered and far from being extinct is thriving in Chile. In 1998, the Chilean Department of Agriculture officially recognized Carménère as a distinct varietal.

“What was once lost, has now been found.”

In the spirit of this great rediscovery, Level Development Group presents “Carménère“, a collection of eight distinct custom homes built in the SouthShore community at Lake Las Vegas. These homes highlight the timeless architecture and generational craftsmanship that still thrives today.



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